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Department of Engineering Services

Main Functions

The department is headed by the Director of Engineering Service (DES).There are various specialized sections headed who are responsible for implementing council engineering policies. Supportive staff that are full time operative, artisan or general workers help section Heads.

Key Functions of engineering department

 Engineering Department is made up of the following sections

  • Architecture and landscaping Sections
  • Responsible for the design, preparation of drawings and tender documents.
  • Supervision of building construction works and maintenance of council and public buildings.

Specific Functions

  • Identifying potential capital projects to be undertaken by council
  • Carrying out feasibility studies on the identified projects
  • Preparation of schematic designs for new projects
  • Preparation of working drawing for new projects
  • Supervision and management of projects on site
  • Supervision of maintenance of extension of existing council structures
  • Building Maintenance Section

Key Functions

  • General maintenance to council and public buildings.
  • Provide building maintenance to individuals at a fee.

Building Construction

  • Construction of new projects, wall fence, septic tanks, paving and other construction projects and services

Key Function

  • Involved in the preparations of tender Documents For Road projects
  • Involved in the preparation of design Drawing for Road projects
  • Involved in the Construction Supervision of Road project for the Kasama Council
  • Mechanical section

Primarily, the mechanical workshop is responsible for the maintenance and repair Kasama Municipal Council vehicles, plant and machinery. The services are being offered at the workshop are also available to the general public at affordable prices.

  • Quantity Surveying Section
  • Preparation and evaluation of tender documents(i.e. Bill of Quantities, Schedule of works/materials) for building & civil engineering works for council infrastructures
  • Preparation of interim and final valuation reports for council construction
  • Preparation of payment certificate to contractors engaged by the council
  • General cost advice, cost estimates, cost checks and preparation of cash flow analysis for proposed council projects
  • Project management and supervision of new and old maintenance works undertaken by council
  • Contract administration of construction projects.

         Electrical Section

  • Inspect installation and observe operation to compliance with the design and safety standards for Council projects and street lighting
  • General Cost advice for the electrical sections of the council projects and advice on the usable technology
  • Maintenance of electrical installations for the council buildings and public services buildings under the council jurisdiction




The section co-ordinates, plan, implements, monitor and evaluate all the activities under the National Rural Water Supply and Sanitation program within the District and ensure sustainable operations and maintenance of water supply and sanitation facilities .



  • Co-ordinate all water and sanitation programs in the district.
  • Ensure that all stakeholders in the district are brought on the D- WASHE committee


  • Submit water supply and sanitation plans for consolidation into the district developmental plans
  • Ensure that district water supply and sanitation plans incorporate all district stakeholders’ inputs in terms of finance and community development activities. .

         Implementation and O & M

  • Supervise implementation of physical works including drilling of new and rehabilitation of existing water points
  • Plan and facilitate repair works and routine maintenance to ensure sustainable O&M of water supply and sanitations facilities.
  • Ensure that V-WASHE committees and artisans are trained, coached and sensitized in technical and managerial aspect of WSS maintenance as well as environmental sanitation and improved hygiene behavior.

        Monitoring and Reports

  • Document percentage number of fault reports attended to against number received
  • Document number of complaints received from V-WASHEs on non-functional water facilities
  • Document materials used

     Data Management

  • Update and maintain the water supply and sanitation MIS.
  • Ensure that data is collected, stored, analyzed and documented




Placement and Re-Establishment of Property Boundaries Coordinates and manages accurately the placement and re-establishment of property boundary beacons in order to preserve integrity of plot boundaries
Road marking Coordinates and manages the pegging out of road reserves in order to guide road construction
Survey Report To prepare field survey reports in order to produce general purpose plans
Geographical Information System (GIS) Coordinates effectively the capturing and processing of  spatial data in order to prepare base maps
Performance management Manages effectively the implementation of performance management system in order to improve and sustain performance
Management Manages the human resources and equipment in order to enhance the operations of the section