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Legal services Department

The Legal Section of Kasama Municipal Council has the following functions, Land alienation and allocation, Conversion of Tenures from Customary to leasehold tenure, transfer of property, settling land disputes, Licensing of business houses, preparation of contracts for and on behalf of the Council, representation of the Council in Court for the interest of the Council.


This is a process undertaken by an applicant who wishes to convert land from customary to state land, this process begins with an applicant receiving an allocation letter or a letter of sale from the village headman and the paramount chief of the area accompanied by site plans of the area in question that are stamped and endorsed on by the gazetted chief of the area and shall need approval by the Planning office at the Council. Upon the Planners recommendations, the Legal Section goes ahead to report the application to the Plans committee with their recommendations to either approve or disapprove the application. At this stage, forms from the Council should have been signed and stamped by the gazetted chief in preparation for submission to the Ministry of Lands who shall subsequently proceed to process title deeds based on recommendations from the Council. The committee responsible for approval of plans applications and the meeting that adopts such approvals sits quarterly.


This process is undertaken by an applicant who wishes to change ownership from one person to another by selling the property, gifting it or inheriting it. Transfer of property ensures that property is recognized by the Council to have moved or exchanged hands from one person to another while change of ownership is completed at the Ministry of Lands who are left with the reserve to issue title deed.


Clients that experience disputes with their neighbors pertaining their boundaries and jurisdiction seek solace in the Legal section who work hand in hand with their Planning counterpart to ensure that such disputes are dealt with expediently in a fair and transparent manner.


The Legal Department prepares contracts for and on behalf of the Council to ensure contractual obligations are upheld by the law and are binding to the institution.


The Legal section has the sole responsibility of ensuring that Certificates of business levies and permits are given to all business houses conducting businesses in the vicinity of Kasama. The section is also responsible for ensuring that all business houses are registered and that they operate legally by meeting the terms and conditions specified. The Section offers various categories of permits depending on the type of business, namely financial institutions, schools, road shows other public entertainments. Other than that, extension of business hours is also considered by the section, applicants that wish to extend business hours can make a formal application to the section which shall be considered.